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Variable Rate Plan

$ 0.299

per CCF or $2.99 per MCF

Valid for 2 Months of 12 Month Contract

Fixed Rate Plan


$ 0.399

per CCF or $3.99 per MCF

Valid for 12 Months

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Michigan Natural Gas be my utility company?

No, Michigan Natural Gas is a natural gas supplier. You will still receive your bills from your utility company each month, as you always have.

Will I receive two bills?

No, with Michigan Natural Gas as your natural gas supplier, you will continue to receive one bill from the utility company each month. Michigan Natural Gas does not bill you separately.

Which utilities do you service?

Michigan Natural Gas services all Consumers Energy, DTE, Michigan Gas Utilities and SEMCO customers.

What is the Natural Gas Customer Choice Program?

The Customer Choice Program in Michigan allows customers to choose which company they would like to receive their gas supply from. This offers customers the ability to sign up with a supplier like Michigan Natural Gas to receive different rates than the utility companies can offer.

What are the benefits of Gas Customer Choice with Michigan Natural Gas?

Michigan Natural Gas offers different rate options which means you can choose one that fits your unique situation! Also, as a customer of Michigan Natural Gas, we always offer you Price Protection which guarantees you the ability to change to any other rate we are offering at any time during your contract with us at no charge.

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